Where do you socialize your career for growth?

Written by Moudy Mudzielwana

On Jan 15, 2023

During graduation at LORA Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and had Rendani S Mamphiswana doing the welcoming note. He pointed out the need to socialize our education through meeting up industry people who can help launch our application of knowledge. As I was playing music doing my garden on Saturday during load shedding, the next play was the voice of Rendani. I listened again and it got me thinking and my thoughts are structured as folllows:

Business and entrepreneurship
Is money and noise a problem? We all go to school and study towards a career we love. At most we graduate not even knowing where to expose our knowledge and skill we rely on qualifications to speak for us. Many blame it on training and exposure to industry but as individuals what do we do to know more about our careers?

That is not what I am driving home. What I want to drive home is why do we not become better at what we do and we fail to launch big business and be sustainable in it? Part if income we are not used to when doing business that has not been commercialized fully. We start making money when we are on stage of design and fail to scale because we do not socialize with people who can take us to the next level. We get to be glorified, get called to do motivational talks and become speakers than socializing the business skill that launched us. We can only grow when we spend time launching careers with people who have made it within the space we want to be experts in.

Just like soccer and fame, we had a case of Mendy in English Premier League. When going through his rape trial, he could not resist telling of his love for sex even if it is transactional with anyone that was a woman who would not say No. Money changed the boy from being able to socialize his football skills and development outside the game. He would throw parties and drink out his life. How many of us has won big tenders that changed our lives? Many of us do not talk to each other and people will ask why some of your former employees are no longer close and I say, they found their path. Whether good or bad, we do need to keep leaders in our space closer so they can help us grow. Pep Guardiolla admitted he doesn’t follow players out of the game meaning at most we are losing the talent we need because of personal space that is not organized or living to appreciate instant gratification by doing things we never thought we could only to lose focus and deprive ourselves a full investment cycle.

Politics and power

Are we losing talent in the mist of populism? Why political talent is not making it to the market? By market I mean bigger positions where young leaders take over without being doubt that they can lead

The young ambitious politicians are lost before their careers are even launched. Coming from communities where we are not well acknowledged it is common that when we play in school political arena we become popular and we sometimes miss the purpose to launch a career through education and spend ages at school doing a 3 year degree in 7 years socializing with people of same losing mentality. When we anticipate great talent to play role in bigger picture, political careers are socialized in factinalism and tenderpreneur mentality destroying the very same talent who could transform the organizations they serve.

Does it mean our investment is incomplete?

Rendani said, Education is just one part of Investment in a life cycle. When we are at school either doing Diploma, Degree, Honours, MBA or PHD. we should be thinking of someone we plan to meet to engage about the career to complete career investment cycle. The journey of a career should not end by getting a job, position or starting a business but investing on knowing how others in similar careers are manifesting their investment practically.

Perhaps reason why we are facing crisis in our country is because we invested energy to fight for freedom we cannot manifest because we never socialized our vision with people who experienced freedom as most of our neighborhood are used to failure and pain which makes it looks standard and make us look better even when we are suffocating ambitious talent we have.

If you are a politician, entrepreneur, graduate, student, leader, soccer player or any sport fanatic, lawyer, environmentalist and any form of career, think about your full investment cycle and consider yourself being a product in a lab awaiting to be commercialized. What would you be if you were to be launched in the market now? Remember failed products do not make it to the market but owner may spend more time explaining that enjoying the rewards of socializing the product with the industry so he or she can make it as a fully fleged product that can be welcome by the market and serve the purpose than cause problems.

Be it money and Power, when they reach pockets that are not commercialized, the product suffer and the history is not a great reference for success. Do not be a reference of failure in public education. Invest fully in your career and have people that you can socialize your vision to launch your career and businesses in a sustainable manner.

Moudy Mudzielwana
Advocate for environmental sustainability

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