We will win only when we read futuristic stories

Written by Moudy Mudzielwana

On Apr 11, 2020

Reading from same books is creating a generation of same mentality leading to similar arguments and views that lacks difference but spoken in different English. Historical books that speak of business, wars, apartheid, capitalism, socialism and liberation are read in same narrative for decades and that is why for sometimes the country has failed to produce leaders, entrepreneurs and unions that speaks language of freedom and futuristic self-liberation. Everyone believes clever means knowing the history that everyone knows so we stay relevant.


26 years after freedom, leaders are failing to wrote own success stories. Leaders that rises to occasion always fall in own sword because they build their careers around opposing views without a stand point. Reason why we keep electing old cadres in position that requires youthful minds is because same youth are reading from old books and cannot challenge the only narrative they know.


Young leaders or those we call young are failing to grow from positions or grow portfolios they are positioned on because their ideology is to parade status in public and forget what they are leading. Young cadres who would should be contesting their leaders are not doing so because they are mentored to respect and abide. Youth leagues and women leagues of many political parties cannot voice a different version of truth because they sip same soup that tastes old and still feel great because they only know one menu.


Churches cannot produce different leaders because to be good means abiding. Youth programmes are designed like manufacturing manuals to provide same size and quality. Our business mentorship, coaches and personal development programmes are also designed to provoke similar thought process hence we create same model of businesses that only helps to pay the bills than differentiators.


Until generation Z and Millennials defy the odds and be exponentially savvy, the country will suffer from routine. Is like someone get into a social media after 10 years of ignorance exile and all of sudden repeat everything that has been debated for years and still get similar arguments. Why economic wars, capitalism and socialism and worse liberalism still mean same way when the struggle is different.


Why a 40-year-old still believe they are too young to compete a 70 year old for a regional position and why unions still operate in a slavery manner when freedom was meant to be an equaliser? Why strike is still a tool to make a voice when we believe the enemy was minority? People still kill for rituals even when history tells that those that killed for success died poor. Why do we believe money can buy money and invest in same routine of scams


We are failing to depart from the historical books of struggle and rewrite the books of accountability and responsibility. We are afraid of ethics and morals hence we need soldiers and police to guard us against ourselves for refusing to be safe from Covid-19. We are refusing to challenge the status quo for future we want because it feels odd to reason from future memories but old rules.


The journey is long when using similar maps but have not decided on the destination. We will fight for positions to be in possessions but die poor because we delete all efforts of struggles by becoming central to self and forget we are minority.


Our future struggle will not be won through same freedom struggle. The fight is different and it is time to lead new ideas from futuristic books.


Moudy Ngwedzeni Mudzielwana

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