We always miss the ball

Written by Moudy Mudzielwana

On Jun 29, 2022

Eskom had been at the core of economic sabotage and we seem to believe it is people’s own doing that they cannot afford alternative energy. Born in darkness and raised in darkness, electricity was a privilege, an enabler and source of energy needed for everything that we became. Going to school we knew one day we will access great life like those who had electricity.

Armed with degrees and other qualifications, we were desperate to make a living and change the narrative of our origin. We applied for jobs and we git jobs and bought houses and started building at home believing our parents would not have to endure the pain of collecting wood and our brothers and sisters would study under better lights than candles and ither paraffin fueled lights.

Fast forward Eskom started showing signs of miscarried hope. Power stations took longer to be build, maintenance were neglected and infrastructure for transmission and distribution died of its purpose. We kept believing there is a sinister force. No one spoke of technical people and politicians took lead in discussions for electrical supply. What have we gotten? Political interference leading to worse situation.

Each day we discuss electricity challenges facing the country, we keep talking about Green Energy, solar and wind. Are these not supposed to be independent discussions? Eskom has constitutional mandate to supply electricity to capacity. Someone within Eskom knows why the capacity is not reached and that is where the core of problems are. It does not make sense that we do not know why Eskom could not anticipate households to grow and plan accordingly. The board and management structures are paid exorbitant salaries and they must do their job.

From security, cleaners, garden maintainance, refuse collection, workshop, mechanics, office bearers and supervisors, who is missing in action? What has changed from days when everyone was busy doing their work? Would solar energy have better general workers or managers that would enhance consistent supply of energy? Why we are not told what is blocking those people from doing their job to keep available capacity at maximum?

The intellectuals will keep believing Political solution is key, the technical will day but even if there is more power stations, we are not able to produce enough from the existing? Should we blame quality of coal? There is abundance of coal yet the internal value chain is compromised whilst we are listening to a CEO briefing and board leaders ranting against politicians but they do nit rant against salaries.

Perhaps we are still to kick the ball. By the time we do, we would have to teach our kids how we grew up and make them understand why we are downsizing and reducing coats because many companies are reaching to economic graveyard. Opinion is not an advise. Advise is not instruction but we have to make people aware we are not all under the spell of ignorance

Moudy Mudzielwana

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