Story of Adam Pantanowitz

Written by Moudy Mudzielwana

On Oct 21, 2019



I have been a private person most of my life. I never wanted to be with people, and I never know my potential. I spent time navigating and Engineering my life. In the moment, I did not know how I will operate in a multidimensional life I had to face. Dimensions are sometimes visible and those that are the vision. Invisible aspects like a story of our lives, things we experiences and those that remain the pain of our lives. Those that are visible create traits that give birth to paradoxes. At the age of 13, I lost the ability to walk. I would be carried by dad. It was frustrating for my parents. Taken to surgery, I was badly operated, and the doctors said I would never walk again.


I believed I would rely on family to be carried. I believed I lost the ability to play soccer, go to school, have fun, and I got depressed. The development was a social problem. Through stages of rehabilitation, I found I found myself in Step Change. Though I spent more time in bed, I gave up my career prospects. I overheard my parents talk about how will I work. Pain consumed me, and I became increasingly depressed. I became despondent about life.


We were looking for a cure and used drugs aimed at rehabilitation, but they were leading to mental decay. At the same time, I was going through all this I was introduced to technology. Through computer and technology, I was connected to the world. I would spend time playing on the computer. I became obsessed with technology. I had to deal with my on mental impediments that were preventing me from accepting myself and own resentment. I ended up studying biotech engineering with a vision that it would work for me. Looking back, I realised I was not equipped. I realised I had to do it because I wanted to change my way of thinking. I am happy to say I graduated.


I am sharing this because I realised I could conquer something but my body was letting me down. Our senses illuminate our nervous system. Fact is that the nervous system can be extended by technology. Whatever you think something is moving towards you or going away from you, it is a choice. You decide. We create neurological science in the outside world. We must make a choice about how the world should receive us. I had to realise that my misconception we influenced by predetermined limitations, and I had to back my mind to start believing in the technology. I was in therapy for 7 years, and I had to trial things on my own and try to observe my trials. I started a journey of exploration than exploration to seek solutions. I did many trials that saw my life change my life for the better. I never thought the world would change for me but today I realise I was right, I am one that must change how I react with the outside world.


Driven by Goals, I came to find out I can review myself and measure my progress. I started meditating and I realise if you cannot plan you cannot manage. Through all efforts, I have managed to create intention through data and action. After a few Doctors visits, they were surprised that I have improved and accepted myself. I am proud to say today I walk on my own and i am a qualified engineer. I do have my days, but I have found value in repurposing and focusing on my life goal.


I can measure and plan my life through tech.


What a story.


How many of us are trapped in a shack of self-hate? What more do you want to see happening to you so you can change your way of life? In life, we are all happy it is not us with disabilities and paralysis, but why do we allow our minds to paralyze us? It takes acknowledging the trap we are in and makes our lives free of our negative mindset. What kind of therapy do we need to change our lives?


I challenge you all to learn from the story of Adam and decode our mindset and reboot our minds to reshape the future. The feeling of being stuck is not because you are but what you tell yourself. Telling ourselves, we are beautiful and happy when dying inside will need our serious vigorous steps of life more significant than we have now.


We turn to obstruct our future by seeking validation from the outside world, but the work is watching us in it. Never hope the world will settle for you to fit in. You have to unbundle yourself and walk away from self-declared hate while everyone else is waiting for the potential to unleash. Words and expressions from others can help if you and only you cannot find out about your own life.


What we can do on our own can change our lives. What we can do with others can change the communities? All we need is to create urgency in our lives and be aligned to how the world is moving, so we are not detached from the future.


Thank you.


Moudy Mudzielwana

Moudy Ngwedzeni Mudzielwana

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