Rest in Peace Vho Ragimana

Written by Moudy Mudzielwana

On Oct 8, 2019

Today we joing the masses to say goodbye to our legendary spiritual father whose commitment to his version of life is undoubtedly admirable. Not any man of flesh would commit to a life that does not defy his just cause. He lived life he believed in and would not hide what he does not align to. Through his preaching, one has learnt you cannot lead others if you cannot lead yourself. You cannot lead when you do not know where you want to take people you are leading. You do not become a leader by canvassing your wishes but that of God and the people he expect you to lead. We can take more to lead our lives from his life. We should separate ourselves from the rest through commitment to our cause and legal commitment to what we believe in. He was taken by God without a warning and such type of people demonstrate that we can never be ready for anything and readiness means we should know our just cause and do things orderly so our lives can be orderly. Once people confuse us for biase and taking sides about people we must help find path, we miss the very reason why God exposed us to masses for what we know and do. Never and never find ourselves believing leadership is naive and personal. Rest in Peace legend. Vho Ragimana

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