Pandemics will always have casualties and victims

Written by Moudy Mudzielwana

On May 16, 2021

In 2019, a little virus which was thought to be a pneumonia started in China. It was to become one of the most deadly pandemic. It disrupted everything in the world. We were locked into our homes and were forced to understand ourselves and those we invite in our lives. We were forced to understand the value of life than money and fun and all that matters was to see ourselves and ourselves alive.

Pity, pandemics will always have casualties and victims. We saw the world coming together to find solutions whilst vultures found opportunity to salvage everything possible at the expense of the poor. Leaders whose ethics and morals are below par could not help but hide solutions from those who needs it.

What stood out is humanity, kindness and commitment to help the next person. At the forefront were nurses, police, soldiers, ministers, ordinary citizens, essential government officials, NGOs, NPOs and humanitarian organization. Business came to collaborate with government and other political parties for solidarity.

The season of pain left many devastated and families broken. At worst people lost family members, jobs, partners, businesses, savings and have to restart life. The aftermath of financial stress is dire and may lead to other pandemics like family violence and suicide.

The positive that came out is the unity. It demonstrated that the country can win more battles together. As we approaching possible third wave, we can always retrieve humanitarian archives from our hearts and soul

Economic recovery has been set out to be the core of government vision. At the centre of economic recovery is the acceleration of technology, digitization of business and innovative business models shying away from business as usual mentality. Many businesses had no option but to shift their business models and those decisions were never natural but induced by a pandemic that started like a little disease

As we restart our businesses, we must rethink our battlefield. Where we use to compete may no longer be the consumption space for our communities. Businesses that put customers at the centre of their business model must invest in understanding the spending patterns to avoid putting infrastructure, resources and structures that do not serve the market. As an Environmentalist it is always tempting to remind fellow entrepreneurs that transactional relationships no longer apply and it is the opportunity to be Advocates for what we do and help collaborate with communities, business and government to accelerate environmental solutions.

The existence of pandemic reintroduced the idea that environmental impact assessment must incorporate 17 Sustainable Development Goals in assessing the impacts of development so as the solutions are designed for integrated community.

In nutshell, pandemics have way to invoke innovation, unity and we can learn to work together to fight pandemics. At Tshikovha Green and Climate Change Advocates Pty Ltd (, our efforts are central to finding local solutions to Climate change issues and use this platform to create sustainable jobs for graduates and small businesses. The inclusion of sustainable development goals into corporate social investments can help fight the battles of saving biodiversity, waste management, water pollution, air quality and environmental degradation. We help ensure proponents comply with environmental legislations of the country and operate the businesses within the scope of environmental approvals. We initiate programmes aimed at creating a sustainable environment for communities in rural areas and mining towns

I encourage young people to make efforts to create opportunities that will change their lives through environmental management programmes and help save the environment.

Moudy Mudzielwana
Moudy is the Director of various companies whose business Advocates for environmental protection and creation of jobs through programmes that saves environment.

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