Mudzielwana challenges unemployed graduates to look beyond employment

Written by Justin

On Sep 26, 2019

Tshikovha Graduates Academy founder Moudy Mudzielwana has challenged unemployed graduates to change their mindset in a quest to get integrated into the economy.

Mudzielwana, whose academy is aimed at aiding graduates to participate in the country’s economy, says graduates should move from just looking for employment to providing solutions that are sustainable.

“Graduates continue to fail to get jobs and we just talk about it as if it is a system problem but there’s a knowledge problem. Even entrepreneurs are focused on getting finances but they fail to address the problems. We need a mindset shift. That’s what we need. The victim mentality is a problem in our country. When we wake up we see problems. We are fed problems by the media and there’s too much negativity. Most graduates are looking for jobs instead of providing solutions and creating jobs. When they talk about creating jobs they talk about money and not solutions. Our mindset should shift from being graduates that are looking for jobs,” said Mudzielwana

Through Tshikovha Graduates Academy, Mudzielwana has empowered several unemployed graduates to gain knowledge and also to get into the job market. Some have even started their own companies.

“Tshikovha Graduate Academy is focusing on solving the problems by empowering graduates with information. We had a conference in Gauteng last year where close to 290 graduates gathered to glean pearls of wisdom from various experts. Now we want to move it to outside Gauteng to Mpumalanga. There’s this thing that people should move to Gauteng to find a job but there’s no need to move to Gauteng in order to get a job. For example in Mpumalanga for conservation and environment, you can get a job in the province. For sustainability of our people we need to start educating people to avoid them from travelling far while there are opportunities in their own backyards,” said Mudzielwana.

Mudzielwana is working on hosting his annual conference in Mpumalanga, where he has identified opportunities for the locals.

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