I Quit!

Written by Noleen Thompson

On Oct 11, 2019

As I celebrate a year full time in my business, I realised that over this past year, I have grown so much that I have learned to quit many things, including my “job” and start really turning a passion I have in making a difference into a business.

18 months ago, I started a journey to start my own business. Yes, this was scary! Yes , this took courage! No, I didn’t have a financial back-up so it was an “all in” situation when I did my first “I Quit” in February 2017! I gave 2 months notice as I gathered my wits about me to start this journey.

Throughout my first year I have quit many things, this is my top 3:

Being negative

Being negative about ANYTHING brings down your mindset, including having a negative bank account. Yes, this did happen a couple times and I had to do some self-talking, but mostly, re-connected with clients and friends to lift my spirits as your negativity affects your business and your efficiency!

Put up motivational notes, meditate, sing (I do this while no-one is listening as I love people and really don’t want them to cry in pain 🙂 ), exercise, read, LEARN and just stay away from the negative news that surrounds us daily. When you are in this space, allow it, but don’t wallow in it. Give yourself a day, maybe 2 and kick your own butt! You ARE the boss, so pull yourself together (or get a great coach, I know a few if you need a referral).

Your attitude will determine your altitude so keep it high and positive so you can soar with the eagles and not cluck with the chickens!

Thinking I am the only perfect subject matter expert!

No, I am not. Why? Other people have other perspectives and insights (even better than mine – I know it’s hard to believe). Whether it be around using LinkedIn or how to run a business. Be open to others, learn and keep learning. Know your strengths and weaknesses, work on the weaknesses and share your strengths with others as you learn from others around how to improve yourself too!

I follow my “competition” as I learn from them and see how I can also become better at what I do. I have also helped some of my “competition” to become better at what they do too. There is enough work out there for us to work smarter about things!

I even use online learning to learn more about what I do so I can improve, this includes business skills!

Saying yes to every opportunity!

Yes, I say NO to opportunities that don’t align with my business goals and objectives! Yes, while you are desperate, you really need the cash and would like to help where you can. This is especially hard when it’s an existing client wanting you to expand your services to something you not really great at (yet). I love that they trust me so much, but remember, that when you are still gaining momentum, keep your focus until your business is stable enough to expand your services. Learning to say no is a key part in managing a small and large business!

Alternatively (which is what I have done), build an ecosystem of small business owners that are willing to collaborate and you know that their work won’t damage your brand with your clients. Happy to share how I have done this with you.

My first year has been so great and thank you to all my clients for teaching me to become better within my business and build my business to where we are today. I want to also thank the clients who gave me negative feedback on my services, including the ones who are dear friends! Every negative feedback is an opportunity to stop, evaluate, learn and grow!

If you keen to catch up over coffee or Skype, drop me a note! Would love to hear your stories!

Here is to an awesome second year and beyond! Journey with us!

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