Graduates and Entrepreneur Empowerment

Written by Justin

On Sep 26, 2019

Many Graduates have given up on any prospects of ever finding employment. Their qualifications are gathering dust. Many young people are discontent, hence many would argue that the resurgence of the more radical youth is birthed by the status quo and the slow pace with which government is moving in addressing pressing issues. Regrettably, many of our people simply believe that the growth of our economy is the panacea to the unemployment crisis in South Africa, reported the Daily Marverick.

Do we just watch the situation and blame it to government.I do not think so. Gone are moments to blame and find what suites us in a big vacuum. We need to close the gaps on information and support graduates to ensure that we improve the employability and accessibility of opportunity. It is said that Entrepreneurship can enhance job creation through small business development. What we do not get to understand is that we should empower minds to be able to create small businesses that grows than creating income. Moment they only create income, our entrepreneurs stop innovating and become servants of their ideas and dreams ends. We need to be able to gather dreams and apply thoughts to can support the graduates to develop business models that are sustainable.

In his maiden speech after long time from political exile, Minister of Finance, Tito Mboweni said at times government spent too much money on infrastructure which end up implemented poorly instead this could be done by private sectors. Government will establish execution unit made up of several specialists to implement projects that are stuck. What we should be able to say is that we already have so many graduates that have expertise and are able to form part of panel to be mentored and that is exactly why Tshikovha Graduates Academy exist (

We are hosting a Graduates Conference each year aimed at graduates and entrepreneur development and we seek to understand what is suitable for our graduates and entrepreneurs in line with South African culture and context. We intend to bring government and business to a local context and engage and therefore we will work to implement programmes that changes the locality and we will ensure locals are ready for jobs and projects in their area. We know people complain and strike over jobs and projects locally but we stand to enhance eligibility and compliance for business and boost the confidence of our graduates.

Wait for the date this year and what we know is that it is in Mpumalanga. We will advise in due course

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