From homosapien to homostorian

Written by Moudy Mudzielwana

On Oct 11, 2019

Born into hardships on 10 May 1938 at Ha-Mubva, Sinthumule village, the future seemed to be farfetched to a Mulemba, Mushavhi, Black Jew whose father died when he was just 3 years old. A man born fourth and last born after Daniel who was born after Tshinakaho the only woman of 4 siblings who followed first born George.

He grew up in the Farm where he worked as a labourer for sometime and fortunately the farmer, a retired teacher was fond of his passion for reading and taught him to read Afrikaans which he marvelled. He advanced his reading at Masedi Primary School where the principal, Mr Kganago was instrumental in his development. Farm life was not what he dreamt of and later chose to become a Christian and spread the word of God To accompany him, he married Evelina Matsidiso Ragimana with whom he had 4 children, 3 daughters and 1 son and 7 grandchildren.

He vowed to live to be true to his wife. He became prominent pastor and trained others within the country. He formed The Living Gospel World Mission with world wide footprint. He met his untimely death while he was on holiday with his wife in Cape Town on 02 October 2019 and Buried on October 07 at Tshilivho. His funeral was attended by masses and masses from all over the world. Speakers representing different institutions spoke of a man who stood for what he believed in, a man whose commitment to his journey has led to development and nurturing of pastors who were present such as Pastor Sikhwivhilu, Madzinge, Ndouvhada, Makhwedzha, Pastor Malele, Pastor Muhali, and Many more. Dr Muligwe, Vho Mme Liremi, Bishop Khorombi, Bishop Lalamani, Bishop Wahmbede and Muhali spoke of a leader who believe faith is the basis of christianity and a father who never let loose of his spiritual children.

Scores of business people and prominent politicians such as Pule Mabe, Mushoni Tshivhango, Julius Malema of EFF accomanied by Floyd Shibambu and Mbuyiseni Ndlozi. Also several leader, chiefs and Vho Thovhele from various areas led by Khosikhulu Toni Mphephu Everyone from the Vhashavhi, Vha Lemba clan spoke fondly of a man who proudly preserved his culture and unashamedly made it known that he is part of to the Lemba folk. Just few weeks back I spoke to him about preserving the Lemba culture, said Peter Mbelengwa.

Speaking for Ragimana family, M Ragimana emphasized the love they have for him and how he brought family as a unit. We will miss his leadership, he said. It is a story of a man that can never be written on a stone in the era of technology. Looking back at his journey, he made his journey known at time communication tools were difficult to reach masses and through his wisdom to reach people he had to transmit message. He knew without reading and writing, he will struggle to make sense and the history of our people tells how human beings could not record their creation because they could not write.

Today a legend who created his own stories and become a darling of people from various countries, backgrounds, careers, believes and commitments made time to send him off. Great in Peace they said. concluded Moudy Mudzielwana


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