Economic massacre for the benefit of few

Written by Moudy Mudzielwana

On Mar 16, 2023

It is a great morning around Nkomazi area. In some areas it is drizzling and some it is dry. News coming from neighbouring Mozambique is that Freddy the cyclone has wrecked havoc in the area. One cannot afford to ignore the privilege of environmental safety our country has enjoyed. We worry of our own doing than natural disasters.

In the past days we have witnessed striking Nehawu causing havoc in hospitals and public service facilities demanding salary increase. Few people have been reported dead due negligence and some being prevented access to Healthcare.
Business has been bleeding jobs due to loadshedding and there seems to be no immediate solution. There has been talks about Just Transition towards climate change impact reduction and promotion of alternative energy source to reduce carbons to the atmosphere however the process shouldn’t be interfering with the generation of electricity.

Each day crime is going up, corruption is standard, projects are delayed due to vigilantisms and community strikes lead to vandalism of infrastructure, roads are damaged and economic activities are interrupted. Leaders are confused and no one has a solution to sabotage and other criminal elements that are causing havoc to economic development. The country is Grey listed which put pressure on government spending and flow of cash and some departments are not able to spend which affect service delivery

Massacre on local economy due to political instability and mistrust amongst leaders is a self destructive approach. When leaders are tussling over leadership and taking each other to courts and commissions, the community service backlog is increasing. Each time there are elections, the poor must help the rich ascend to positions over a promise for social economic growth, safety and justice but upon ascending, the poor do not think logically and the rich work together in coalitions.

When shall we acknowledge our leaders are committing economic massacre to benefit their political ambitions than service the people? We will go down in the history books as the generation that facilitated poor workmanship and lack of accountability. We presided over poor leadership in our communities and never seek quality life foe our people in the communities. We ceded all responsibilities to government and we continue to experience graft because we are not prepared to say enough is enough and hold leaders of all spheres accountable so our economy can rise from the dead

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