Direct messages to avoid on LinkedIn

Written by Noleen Thompson

On Oct 14, 2019

Be honest, how many of you have done this before?

“Hi”… “How are you?” “Where are you from?” “What do you do?” “Can I get your contact details to tell you about XXXX”

I did, but about 7 or 8 years ago, when I didn’t understand how to use LinkedIn to build relationships but had that hunting sales instinct that was rather irritating to many!

These are a waste of time. Your time and the person you’re asking’s time. If you want to know where someone is from – check their profile. If you want to know what they do – check their profile.

As for to ‘how are you doing?’ – this isn’t a conversation starter, it’s lazy.

If you want people to take the time to respond to your message, LOOK at their profile and FIND something to talk about. Ask a question that you know you could even help them with a tip or two. Add value!

LinkedIn is powerful as it gives you access to people you may not have access to if you would “cold call”. Don’t waste this access by asking fluffy questions that don’t actually help you build relationships with people. People buy from People!

On the last note, DON’T pitch in the first message either. It’s in poor taste and 99% of the time it leaves a lasting and bad taste in people’s mouths. (This is damaging to you AND your brand.)

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