Dear friends, Fellow Entrepreneurs and Environmentalists

Written by Moudy Mudzielwana

On Apr 16, 2020

Covid-19 is a serious pandemic that has caught all of us by surprise and halted our daily lives, income, our relationships and we are all lockdown. This is a moment of reflection and ponder upon our future and the future of our families, friends, communities, businesses and inspire hope. We must believe this pandemic was not created for anyone, it happened and it is killing people daily but we are spared by the grace. If it was not for the grace, we may have already perished.


This calls for all of us to remember what we are made of. We must support every efforts to prevent the spread of the virus through creating awareness, participate any efforts to help fellow human beings, sanitize, wash hands, stay clean and hygienic and where possible donate money or food to those who need.


Let us resist any actions, behaviors, sharing videos or creating videos that undermines efforts to deal with this pandemic. It is unnecessary and uncalled for. Young leaders and everyone who does this impact on the image of young black communities who believe we are leaders for their cause whilst we busy joking and making mockery of ourselves. It may cost us more than just a job. Stay safe, stay home and have empathy.


It is going to be a long journey after lockdown and the virus is gone. We need each other and personally I am committed to help and support fellow entrepreneurs, Environmentalists and friends to find our path again. It will need discipline, dedication and willingness. It is a rebirth God has created and we need to equip one another with futuristic tools.


Let’s keep engaging on to find solutions towards rebuilding our personal and business acumen.


Stay home, stay safe

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