Dear ANC leaders in Vhembe District

Written by Moudy Mudzielwana

On Aug 10, 2023

Vhembe is one of the district with highly qualified people making impact outside the province and overseas. It is one of the biggest agricultural and tourism rich district. It is one of the district with one of the most effective rural university. It is one of the district with football teams in the psl first division. This is to mention a few positives.

The district is riddled with crime, poor services and continuous ritual killings yet leaders have no reason to see this as a problem. Roads play big role to help connect communities, tourists and enhance people do business. Our communities are no longer safe, people get killed and no one get arrested or when they do get arrested they are released. Football suffers due to poor infrastructure and no one cares. Unemployment is growing rapidly and services have detoriated

Over the years the district has been a home of ANC and people have now started to find new political homes because there is no interest in fixing the community issues. There has never been a political ambition to call expertise in local businesspeople and specialists in many fields to come together and help address local crisis. When will we find all mayors and councilors in one place with business, civilians, individuals, professionals, farmers, contractors, pastors, chiefs, and investors discussing vision Vhembe District? When do we have an investment summit with all leaders if they have not gone to meetings in Gauteng or other areas where there better facilities?

Each season we hear of incoming and outgoing elective political representative but we never hear of efforts to build an organizational path that respects educated professionalz, leaders, doctors, engineers, contractors, farmers, financial, legal, economists and many more who are willing to add value in the development of a district that speaks future.

Who in his of her right senses would wish to leave his or her family in Vhembe at it’s currents state? What is the vision of the District in attracting right talent and investment to drive economy and social cohesion? How do politician feel when everything and anything great is to hear of another death each day? When is the next major development in Vhembe that seeks to improve the lives of locals?

Economic and safety migration is rife due to lack of opportunities and crime. What is it that you are leading if you are a mayor or councilor who do not know local challenges and fail to call people together and find new ideas. Who in 2023 still celebrate political election within the party which divides party further?

What is of value to do for people if you cannot do anything with each other now. What does success look like in your eyes?

Just remember if there is no dust, there are no projects, no projects no jobs and business, no business no economy, no economy lead to crime and infrastructure vandalism, no resources less to crime.

I am not a fan of imbizos but clear driven strategic sessions that informs future of the district. Our district needs only 5 key point plan that will see it become the most attractive district:

– Prioritize solving crime by getting police to work with experts from private sector to enhance technology and resources. Improve police visibility and intelligence whilst enabling arrests and solving of cases

– improve roads infrastructure to enable economic activities such as agriculture, tourism and hospitality. Widen national roads, tar provincial road and grade rural roads. Revamp nwanwedi game reserve and partner with private sector to improve the facility. Professionals and other services require quality working environment and we do not even have quality office park around. We do not have private estate around local areas but we have best natural environment and we have people who have build mansions but paying no services because government is sleeping. Private cemetery and other facilities that would make people want to invest local are some of opportunities passing because we are waiting for elections.

-Extend basic human services to rural areas to improve local business sustainability. Central using services like health, electricity and sassa is creating congestion in town killing local business centres and therefore cresting unsustainable communities. Also decentralization of educational facilities to accommodate rural communities. There are opportunities that can be crested for business, local communities if we have a university or college branch in all local municipalities than all having to travel to main campus.

-Build infrastructure that can attracts sports, big events and ensure maintenance of existing infrastructures like football stadiums, community halls and allow private sector to partner with municipalities to manage facilities or build own and transfer through PPP.

-A clean environment speaks volume of people that lives in it. Waste management and environmental maintenance has a potential of absorbing more unqualified people and through various programs, the environment can be clean and people can be organized for formal training in the field. There are several entrepreneurial opportunities that can coordinate these programmes and integrate graduates from various fields

It is an advise not an instruction. By the way elections are 2024.

Moudy Ngwedzeni Mudzielwana

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