COVID-19 just Equalized, Leaders have to show mettle

Written by Moudy Mudzielwana

On Apr 13, 2020

In football, it is Eleven against Eleven. Many believe, the game is there to win or lose but not before it started. Eleven elected to play are just part of 18 for the day but 30 of full squad for either club. Supporters always hope the Eleven will give their best and win. The game actually starts when opponents have scored and the team wants to equalize and eventually win. Those who were not part of 11 must come in and show the mettle and be the game changer.


The history of South Africa will always reference inequality caused by apartheid and without doubt this has left millions without personal pride and confidence. Attaining freedom was a great equalizer for majority unfortunately corruption and instant gratification led to same leaders who claimed to have fought for freedom enriching themselves leaving voters in the lunch and the country remain underdeveloped with potential. Infrastructure, healthcare, water, food security, jobs and services for communities remain neglected much to the political battles. Battles of powers left the few getting everything when the poor voters are acknowledged when they must play their role, voting.


Bigger businesses have been fending on government support and getting funding doing for operation and functioning and maintaining their business models whilst small businesses are closed out. Many businesses have failed to repay IDC, DTI and many funding institutions nut money was pumped and controlled without purpose only for debts to be written off. Funding institutions have failed to promote rural development due to regulations and processes designed for educated without passion and commitment to live rural life. Big businesses are being sold daily and their liabilities are not taken for granted.


Mining houses continue to benefit from environmental destruction and distracting social environment and government keep putting money because there is a belief they contribute to GDP unfortunately the environment suffers. Most mining companies have their offices in Sandton and only attend the community when mining operations have been closed when desperate communities cannot take it anymore.


Bigger Forestry and conservation companies have been benefiting from deforestation and selling of the wild making millions whilst the surrounding communities are gasping for little food. The communities are considered poachers in their own environment and the destruction of environment mattered less than GDP they contribute


The unfortunate and deadly Covid-19 has led to realities of South Africa at large. Local communities are not benefiting the freedom and so called Black Economic Empowerment policies. There have been words used to coat corruption and services were not prioritized. Social labor plans and Corporate Social Responsibilities never prioritize community development. Now lockdown slowed economic activities, people are not spending money, small businesses are in limbo whilst bigger businesses are counting costs. It is hard for everyone and all the future plans are in disarray. There is no strategy and model guaranteed success.


It is now up to government to reform the economy with reality. The political leaders now know who are real leaders. It is time to prioritize lives of people through rural development, infrastructure development, improved healthcare, provide basic services without compromise. The game changer must come in and make right decisions. Leaders are provided a status quo report naturally and it is time to use the details to prioritize the actual deserved beneficiaries.


If there is any other time to rebuild the mighty South Africa to be one of greatest country, each local municipality, District, Province must come to party and implement programs that will change the life of locals. The life as usual attitude must end and we need to win this battle


Moudy Ngwedzeni Mudzielwana

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