Brands – Why Is Content Creation Important for Them?

Written by Mpho M Mogorisi

On Oct 3, 2019

First things first – what is a brand?

We all understand the meaning of what a brand is in different ways, and according to my understanding, a brand is what defines you or sets you/your business apart from others. This can be through words, symbol, or any other unique feature that could be your unique selling point (USP).

With a brief understanding of what a brand is, why is it important for brands to create content and use it effectively?

Well, content creation sets the record straight about your brand and gives a detailed direction about what your brand stands for and how you would like to be perceived – this can be done through sharing insights, promoting skills, services and/products.

When creating content for your brand, you need to always align your content to your brand values and identity. A perfect example would be a Chef YouTuber. The Chef’s brand is formed around culinary and the content of the YouTube channel should be just about that; food and/ all things culinary. By creating this type of content, it gets easier for people to identify the YouTube channel and subscribe to it, knowing the exact type of content they’re signing up for.

As a brand, you need to select your niche or brand strengths and stick to them. This makes life a bit easy for you when it comes to content creation because you’re sharing your expertise and that will strengthen your brand’s credibility and recognition.

“You need to create ridiculously good content – content that is useful, enjoyable and inspired.”

~Ann Handley

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