Awesome LinkedIn Profile (secret) Tips for 2019

Written by Noleen Thompson

On Oct 4, 2019

As we enter the last month of 2018, we are all starting to plan what our new year can bring us. I want to share some LinkedIn tips (36 in total) for 2019 to help YOU to succeed. I usually only give this out in our training or coaching sessions (hence the secret) but this is my Christmas gift to you!

If you are a professional business owner, entrepreneur, corporate or someone just looking for a new job in 2019, these tips will help you all!

1.      Good, recent updated smiling photo that is “head and shoulders” so people can recognize you on their mobiles.

2.      Add a branded banner to your profile.

3.      You have 7 seconds to impress or depress someone with your LinkedIn profile, choose wisely!

4.      Customise your LinkedIn URL to only your name by taking out the numbers after.

5.      Use ONLY your name in your LinkedIn name area. Placing MBA, PhD and other makes your less approachable.

6.      Change your headline to what it is you do that adds value (MD of ABC doesn’t tell me what you do)

7.      Every word is searchable on your profile, make sure you are found

8.      Use the SSI (Social Selling Score) Scoring in LinkedIn to measure your activity ( What’s not measured, cannot be improved!

9.      Make sure you link yourself back to the company pages as “grey buildings” don’t give you credibility

10.  Link yourself to your educational institutions as this is about credibility

11.  Add all 50 skills in your skills section as it’s searchable

12.  Make sure the first 3 lines of your summary grab someone’s attention as hardly anyone hits “Show more”…

13.  Keep your summary in the first person. It’s a PERSONAL professional profile, so make sure that you write it in that form.

14.  It’s your PERSONAL professional profile, so add some personal information about your passions, values and more about your quirky self!

15.  Make sure you are an “All Star”, in other words, complete your profile as this helps you to become more searchable.

16.  Did you know, your Dashboard on your profile gives you information about Profile views, Post views and search results

17.  Your dashboard “Profile View” number is a running number over the last 90 days

18.  Your dashboard “Post / Article Views” is of your most recent post or article

19.  Your dashboard “search appearances” is how many times your profile came up in the search over the last 7 days

20.  Your search appearances on your dashboard can also show you the types of people who searched for you and what keywords they used to get to you.

21.  Add additional content under your summary and work positions like white papers, brochures and other as this adds to your SSI scoring

22.  Add a call to action in your summary and experience or even add your email address

23.  Make sure your contact information is updated and correct

24.  If you are in business, don’t use your Gmail address as your primary email. Add your company email, verify the email and make that primary. It’s about credibility!

25.  Show that you care by adding in your volunteer experience!

26.  Add all your additional courses and certifications as this is searchable and adds credibility!

27.  You want your profile to sell itself? Make sure you have recommendations on your profile, that are recent too!

28.  Post articles you have read, telling people what it is you enjoyed in the article.

29.  Show your skills by writing content and articles on your areas of expertise.

30.  Get active by sharing other people’s posts and commenting and engaging. This improves your SSI score, which improves your search-ability! #truestory

31.  Looking for a job, turn on “career interests” on your dashboard and let recruiters know (secretly) that you are in the market.

32.  Connect using a connect note to stand out. Don’t be boring, personal the note

33.  Send a note after someone has reached out to connect with you.

34.  Don’t sell, add value, contribute, engage and build relationships. People by from People!

35.  If you own your own business, create a company page as this builds credibly to link yourself back to this page.

36.  Align your brands across all your platforms.

These tips really do help and you will see a massive spike in your profile views if you apply all of these! We have so many more tips!

If you would like assistance in setting up your profile, drop me a note and let’s arrange it for you.

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