An encouraging Entrepreneurial note from Catherine

Written by Moudy Mudzielwana

On Oct 23, 2019

Dear Moudy

Recently, as I was reading an article about the challenges we face in South Africa I was reminded of the importance of resilience. The entrepreneur’s mantra of ‘never give up’ came to mind.

As good business leaders we aim to be wise in choosing our battles and agile in adjusting our strategy. In times of change it’s important to review what we are doing, how and why, and be proactive in adjusting actions where needed.

Under pressure, though, our brains shut down and we get tunnel vision. We become hyper-focused on the problem at hand and are unable to see the bigger picture. In this state we can miss important indicators to change direction, make product adjustments or switch to capture an opportunity.

The challenge though is also to know when to fight and when to fold, when to keep pushing and when to look for a new pathway. The way to do this is to take the time out to look at things from a distance.

1. A good starting point is to conduct a simple SWOT exercise, listing all the internal strengths and weaknesses in the business, the external threats that are outside your control and the opportunities that you could take advantage of.

2. Next, review your personal vision, what you want to achieve in life and what is really important to you. I cannot stress how important this is – I schedule a time every week for vision review.

3. Re-visit your company vision. Is it still aligned to your personal passion and purpose or do some adjustments need to be made?

4. With this revitalised energy and commitment to the vision, go back to your SWOT analysis and see where action is needed.

5. Generally, it helps to get external help (from a mentor, friend or colleague) especially if your high level of stress prevents you from taking a calm, clear look.

Remember, that lasting success is a long game. Stay 100% aligned to your passion and purpose, and make adjustments according to the ‘traffic and weather conditions’ that surround you.

I wish you a fabulous week ahead and look forward to hearing your insights on your own process.

Kind regards,


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