Tshikovha Times is an online digital news channel that believes that through communication and awareness on environmental issues change will happen. It was formed in 2016 to be the voice of environmental news and a platform that engages on present and future of environmental issues. We value the environment and as an online news channel we make informed decisions based on our knowledge about the environment. The environment is in essence a key force that is able to sustain all living organisms on earth. Limited information is provided on what has been done to protect, preserve or conserve the earth. Scientific studies focus mainly on information contained through thorough investigations and mainly negative environmental impacts. However the environmental world has reached a turning point where scientists not only focus on the negative impacts caused by humans, but also on Mitigating impacts beforehand.

Tshikovha Times focuses on educating people about all that has been done, or all that is taking place with regard to mitigation measures, legislations and scientific methods used to protect our environment. Tshikovha time’s focuses on outlining environmental measures that were undertaken by Government, Scientific companies, Municipalities and individuals with intentions to clean the environment, rectify past injustices done towards the environment, prevent pollution and environmental rehabilitation. We share vast information about the environment, from Rhino poaching prevention forces to the resumed extinction of localised species.

Tshikovha Times allows individuals to explore environmental issues, engage in problem solving and take action to improve the environment. This leads to individuals developing a deeper understanding of environmental issues and accumulate adequate knowledge to make informed and responsible decisions. Our intentions are to provide information to our communities, allowing them to engage in pollution prevention processes.


To be the voice of the environment.


To be an online digital platform for sharing, educating, and informing individuals about environmental related news. Tshikovha times aims to create awareness on human connection with the environment and promote a nation of accountable individuals.

Our business:
  • We report on environmental issues and environmental programmes;

  • We report of negative and positive impacts of mankind (astrosphere) on the Environment;

  • We report on the conservation, management and restoration of the environment;

  • We advertise sustainable environmental programmes.

Our values:

Tshikovha Times inform and educate individuals about the environment, with the aim of changing their negative perspective and creating a platform for global environmental action. Our role as Tshikovha Times is to gather information about the environmental issues and share it.

  • Create awareness by notifying communities about all the upcoming environmental phenomena.

  • Upcoming important environmental events. Thereby involving communities, so they can participate in all events, equipping them to better take care of their environment.

  • Investigate and publish international issues, this helps find a different approach towards tackling environmental pollution and degradation.

  • We identify new trends in the environmental space, and keep viewers informed.

  • Educate our communities about all the challenges faced by our country, in relation to environmental challenges.