People come and go in our lives…

Written by Moudy Mudzielwana

On Oct 2, 2019

People come and go in our lives, careers, business and many environments we live in. What matters is what they go and do. At most, you wish to see them succeed and do great even better than you do. It can be sad to see someone with potential failing because the people who provide their maps are not using the latest data about them.

When one wakes up to an old map, they can see the way but fo not know how to travel it. How many times people in life keep making mistakes other people did, how many businesses closed the same way old ones did? How many people fail to make sense of what others think of them and end up saying what you see is what you get? In all honesty, there is nothing to see and get when someone’s path is not going where he or she believes is going. Make life reality by dreaming Global and apply locally.

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